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The most secure and fastest way to accept crypto payments.

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Price in your local currency. The customer selects BitPay as checkout method.

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A BitPay invoice is generated, the customer selects one of the supported cryptocurrency to complete the payment. The invoice will display an amount to pay in the selected cryptocurrency, at an exchange rate locked for 15 minutes. The customer completes the payment using wizard bitcoin cryptocurrency wallet within the 15 min window.

Displayed to the user after he clicked the "Pay with BitPay" button BitPay hosted invoice - wallet selected. Displayed to the user after he clicked the "Pay with BitPay" button BitPay hosted invoice - cryptocurrency selected BitPay hosted invoice - Customer clicked on the "pay in wallet", this opens the compatible wallet installed on the device which automatically retrieves the payment information.

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The customer confirmed the payment via his compatible wallet. The BitPay invoice is then marked as paid.

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WordPress website - payment successful WordPress WooCommerce admin dashboard - order view BitPay merchant dashboard - the invoice previously paid is recorded under the "Payments" wizard bitcoin Instalare This plugin requires WooCommerce.

If a BitPay invoice expires before the customer completed the payment, the merchant has the possibility to automatically mark the WooCommerce order as Cancelled via the plugin settings.

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Întrebări frecvente How do I pay a BitPay invoice? Select the wallet you want to use to complete the payment, BitPay will indicate the available currencies and provide compatible instruction for each wallet.

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Does BitPay have a test environment? You will also need to setup a wallet on testnet to make test transactions.

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More information about the test environment can be found here. Check your current approved processing limits in your BitPay merchant wizard bitcoin I need support from BitPay When contacting BitPay support, please describe your issue and attach screenshots and the BitPay logs.

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However when you select Binance, Bitpay gives an error message saying it can't process it. Fees are huge too with them, this defeats the whole purpose of using BTC let alone its high fees already.

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Get ready to give a big cut. Scripts load everywhere and will slow down your site. Do not use this crypto gateway I get how bitpay wanna be the "paypal of crypto", the road will be long Torrent Safe 1 februarie Setting up the bitpay plugin was quite easy, and it seems to work well.

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But some users said there was a problem with the address format about it was not working with their wallet, so changed to another plugin after a while.