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Bitcoin trader greenfields capital. More foreign technology companies turn their heads towards Belarus

Căutare avansată bnt attorneys in CEE Minsk office shares its experience about launching the office of a foreign tech company in Minsk and entering the HTP. Engaging Belarus-based software developers is not unheard of among Western technology companies. To hire local developers, a foreign company may consider establishing a subsidiary in Belarus.

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We discussed those benefits in details here link. In the first place there is a list of business activities that are only allowed in the HTP. So, it is important to perform an initial analysis to make sure that the planned activity fits within the HTP scope.

Secondly, only a Belarussian legal entity can be a resident of the HTP, so the next step will be to establish a legal entity in Belarus. It should be specifically a legal entity and not a representative office or permanent establishment for tax bitcoin trader greenfields capital.

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A foreign company may become a single shareholder of an LLC, unless the foreign company itself has only one shareholder. The business plan must specify one or more types of activities that the Belarusian company intends to carry out in the HTP, specific measures for their implementation, types and volumes of goods works, servicesproperty rights, justification for their implementation, and planned results of financial and economic activities.

The business plan can be conveniently divided into four main parts: 1 general information about the company, its bitcoin trader greenfields capital and employees; 2 technical description of an activity or product; 3 business case; 4 financial targets.

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In the first part a brief description of the company is given: the shareholders, registration details, history, main achievements, busines model, industry specialization, development method, quality management system, stage of product development, employees, etc.

A technical description of the product or planned activity describes the functionality and application of the developed software or the type of hi-tech activity that is planned.

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Attention is given to performance and effectiveness indicators of software. It is important to stress new and unique solutions implemented or that are planned to be implemented, technical features which set the software or services apart from the competition.

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On that basis, it is suggested further which markets the software belongs to, ways of monetising it, expected sales rates, and channels of distribution. Financial targets that are placed at the end of the plan nonetheless play a crucial part in the application process, as they are used as the first threshold applied by the HTP administration to filter out unpromising candidates.

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