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See all mentors EUR 1. Startup founders that want to benefit from mentorship with tech experts, connections with the global industry and investment opportunities can submit their applications online.

By the end of it, we had a product, paying customers and a one-year growth plan.

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  • Legalitatea monedei bitcoin după țară sau teritoriu - Wikipedia
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We changed pretty much everything, twice, but we ended up with a clear direction and that makes every second invested in MVP Academy well worth it. Things that took 3 months before, now take us 3 hours. Add this to the fact that the program gave us access to private meetings with the most relevant business people in Romania.

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And Bitcoin techcrunch would actually need to add another one to offer a complete image: hard! And then I started working with Bogdan and George that proved me wrong.

They were right and I have to thank them for opening my eyes.

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  • Очень интересно, - Николь слегка прикоснулась к Арчи.

We got a much better pitch in place and went on to building our product for larger markets than those we could answer to immediately.

And all for free. I hardly believe that such a program exists here, in Romania. It was a defining experience that every startup should go through.

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Quit wasting time and just listen to them. It put us on the fast track to success.

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We had some great mentors that helped bitcoin techcrunch get the product where we wanted to. At the beginning we had an idea and a proof of concept, but during the program we managed to define our product. It was a really intense experience and the mentoring sessions were our favourite part.

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We now have an actual plan and just have to execute it further. As a new team, we understood how to overcome most of the challenges we were facing.

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