Bitcoin marketplace hacked,


    The episode, disclosed by Coincheck executives at a hastily arranged press conference on Friday night, has heightened calls for stricter oversight at a time when many governments are grappling with how to regulate the booming cryptocurrency exchange industry.

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    Japanese policy makers began a new licensing system for the venues just a few months ago, and regulators in South Korea are debating whether to ban exchanges outright. The heist adds to a long list of thefts at cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets, stretching back to the robbery of Tokyo-based Mt. Gox in As prices of digital assets have soared, the platforms have become increasingly juicy targets for hackers.

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    A lack of confidence in exchanges — most of which operate with little to no regulation — has prompted many institutional investors to spurn cryptocurrencies, although some are now dipping into the market after CME Group Inc.

    The tokens were trading at about 94 U. The thief was able to seize such a large sum in part because Coincheck lacked basic security protocols. Coincheck also lacked multi-signature, a security measure requiring multiple sign-offs before funds can be moved.

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    Gox imploded four years earlier. Coincheck was four months past its deadline for receiving such a license, but was allowed to continue operating — and advertising on television — while awaiting a final decision from the FSA. They did, however, pledge to compensate allusers impacted by bitcoin wallet terbaik theft see bitcoin marketplace hacked hereat a rate of

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